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Gary Banham

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Don Milligan

2012    The Continuum Companion to Kant, (co-edited with

            Dennis Schulting and Nigel Hems, Continuum: London.

2007    Cosmopolitics and the Emergence of A Future (co-edited

            with Diane Morgan) (Palgrave Macmillan: London and

            New York).

2005    Husserl and the Logic of Experience (Palgrave

            Macmillan: London and New York).

2000    (Co-edited with Charlie Blake) Evil Spirits: Nihilism and

            the Fate of Modernity  (Manchester University Press and

            Angelaki Humanities: Manchester).

Journals Edited

2005    Special issue of The Journal of the British Society of

            Phenomenology on Husserl and Derrida.

2002    Special issue of Angelaki on aesthetics and the ends

            of art.

2000    (Co-edited with Suhail Malik) Special issue of Tekhnema:

            Journal of Philosophy and Technology on teleology,

            technics and critique.

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