Renewing Philosophy
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Gary Banham

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Renewing Philosophy

This series was intended, as its name suggests, to be a forum for new and imaginative work. It was part of its remit to include writing which engages with the history of philosophy, with particular reference to understanding the nature of modernity. It was also an aim of the series to publish work which discusses the relationship of philosophy to contemporary conditions.

Philosophical reflection on the place of the human with regard to the changed position of machines, science and technology was particularly encouraged. The series is also a forum for writing in the areas of aesthetics, philosophy of biology and meta-philosophy.

Series Books Published to date . . .

Jill Marsden (2002) After Nietzsche: Notes Towards A Philosophy of Ecstasy.

Kyriaki Goudeli (2002) Challenges to German Idealism.

Keekok Lee (2002) Philosophy and Revolutions in Genetics.

Martin Weatherston (2002) Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant.

Celine Surprenant (2002) Freud’s Mass Psychology.

Philip Walsh (2005) Skepticism, Modernity and Critical Theory.

Alberto Toscano (2006) The Theatre of Production: Philosophy

    and Individuation Between Kant and Deleuze.

Simon O’Sullivan (2006) Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari:

    Thought Beyond Representation.

Vasiliki Tsakiri (2006) Kierkegaard: Anxiety, Repetition and


Jean-Paul Martinon (2007) On Futurity: Malabou, Nancy

    and Derrida.

Peg Rawes (2008) Space, Geometry and Aesthetics.

Vincent W. Lloyd (2009) Law and Transcendence: On the

    Unfinished Project of Gillian Rose.

Lou Agosta (2010) Empathy in the Contest of Philosophy.

Karin De Boer (2010) On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative.

Beth Lord (2011) Kant and Spinozism: Transcendental Idealism

    and Immanence form Jacobi to Deleuze.

Pini Ifergan (2014) Hegel’s Discovery of the Philosophy of Spirit:

    Autonomy, Alienation, and Ethical Life: The Jena Lectures


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